TTS Pharma Ltd

Food and Beverages

When CBD is found in food and drinks it is classified (slightly) differently by the regulators as these products are likely to be consumed more frequently than a Food Supplement. TTS Pharma has filed a number of dossiers covering an extensive range of additional formulations and finished product formats.

TTS Pharma is delighted to be at the forefront of this emerging sector and to offer services to brands wanting to create their own recipe(s). A huge amount of product development and work has been undertaken over the last 12+ months within our food/food supplement and beverage range to ensure we continue to provide the highest quality products available on the market. 

We ensure the quality with our technology partners using their proprietary CBD formulations developed after many years’ pharmaceutical experience. With this technology, we can support switching CBD beverage brands using non-compliant formulations to our own supply chain with minimum impact to the finished product formulation.

Our finished food/beverage product formats include:-

– Range of ‘sports’ focused products such as gels and shakes

– Soda water base (flavoured or unflavoured)

– Still water base (flavoured or unflavoured)