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TTS Pharma have formed the first Primary Authority (PA) partnership in the United Kingdom for CBD products.

Liverpool and London, UK, 20th February 2020 / TTS Pharma Limited, a producer of the highest quality, legal and safe cannabinoids (including Cannabidiol (CBD) for use in food, cosmetics and nutraceuticals, are pleased to announce that we have formed the first Primary Authority (PA) partnership in the United Kingdom for the manufacturer of CBD Products. TTS Pharma have agreed the partnership with Hertfordshire County Council Trading Standards. This means that for Cosmetic and Food Supplement products containing CBD our clients receive ‘Assured Advice’ for the product lines that we produce and supply. The partnership has already been busy, and we are in the final stages of receiving PA assured advice for recently launched range of cosmetics supplied by Endopure Ltd. See for further details.

We have plans to issue PA assured advice as our role of PA co-ordinator, likewise we are busy forming a partnership to cover Welsh devolved matters.

At a time when the UK market is in flux and saturated with product from non-EU/ UK sources this partnership gives TTS Pharma certainty around meeting UK regulations.

This enables our business clients to be fully compliant with existing and current regulations relating to the inclusion and use of CBD in either Cosmetics or Food Supplements. In practice, providing our advice is followed, this means that our clients are not liable to formal action by any Enforcing Authority relating to that area of advice (i.e. cosmetics). At this time, we do not offer Food Supplements for sale in the UK or Europe as our Novel Food application (ref.2019/1458) remains under review. We do however, offer these products for export into juridictions that permit it.

Richard Lewis of Hertfordshire TS says, “Here at Hertfordshire TS we pride ourselves on working with businesses to give them assurance that their products and processes are compliant with relevant legislation. Primary Authority is the ideal mechanism to give business the assurance they need. Clearly the CBD market in the UK is expanding at a rapid rate and we want to work with businesses like TTS Pharma to ensure that the balance between sector growth and the supply of compliant products is equally balanced.”

Mark Tucker CEO of TTS Pharma says, “We pride ourselves in being a compliant business.

So far, we have worked with various trade associations, national regulators and FERA to ensure that we only supply quality compliant products. Forming a Primary Authority was a natural progression for us, these benefits show our continued commitment to our customers and the UK market to bring a fully compliant and safe supply chain to the consumer.

For enquiries as to how this arrangement can be accessed, or might benefit your business, please contact our business development team on



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TTS Pharma is a private company, established in 2012 with offices in London and Liverpool. The company holds deep industry expertise in drug discovery, drug delivery, extraction, separation and manufacturing of psychoactive ingredients. The Company has begun sales of its highly purified cannabis related products and technologies on a Business to Business basis. The company respects all existing legal and regulatory requirements in the UK and expects to gain further permissions related to these products in due course.